You’ll Never Look At The Time 11:11 The Same Way After You Watch Their Story!

When the main character in this video Sergio, meets Chris who is in his last stages of cancer, he decides to secretly grant little wishes for the boy. Chris plays along returning the kindness, and he lets Sergio secretly spoil him. As the two of them bond, and grow closer, a sweet friendship blooms enriching both their lives, and making the last few weeks of Chris’s life filled with loving friendship, and making it quality time. This is a great reminder to live every moment of life to its fullest, because it’s precious, and we never know what beautiful thing can unfold in just a moment of time. After watching this touching story you’ll never look at the time 11:11 the same way again.

The Jubillee Project partnered with 1:Face Charity Watch to make this film. 1:Face is a brand that has set out to bring about global change by bringing people together to help those who are most in need. All proceeds from 1:face watch in this film will go to cancer research, a watch can be purchased HERE. Please consider buying a watch, if we all do just one thing we can make cancer history!