You Won’t Believe What Was Found In This Baby Monkey’s Body. I’m In Tears!

Izzy this sweet little baby spider monkey was found tied up, and crying outside a hunter’s house in Belize. She was the victim of the country’s illegal pet trade. She was in shock, and seems so weak, sickly, and just plain out of it. Her rescuers are from the Belize Forest Department, and they brought her to, The Wildlife and Referral clinic. At first one would think dehydration is the biggest problem, but it turns out to be far worse than that. Izzy had multiple broken bones, and lead pellets lodged in her little body. After surgery 5 pellets were removed, and her bones were set. What was done to this poor helpless babe is downright disgusting, and barbaric.

Update :Izzy ended up having even more operations, but has fully recovered and is doing well. She now has a home with another spider monkey, and caretakers who love her. It is wonderful that she has recovered and is using her arm.