A Woman Hears About An Abandoned Baby In Brazil And Quickly Gets On A Flight!

While standing in a line at a grocery store in, Kaysville, Utah, Janelle Adams heard about a baby boy in Brazil, and that story was to impact her for the rest of her life. The infant was born without arms, or legs, and had been abandoned by his mother in a hospital. Janelle thought she would love to have him, and would take him in a heartbeat. What she didn’t realize was God had a plan for her and the baby, and it was going to unfold quickly. Janelle found she just couldn’t stop thinking about the baby. Before she knew it they were adopting the child who they have named, Gabe.

The Adam’s family has been enriched, and blessed by this boy and that is easy to see. Janelle beams with love when she talks about him, Gabe is also doing well, and has brought so much joy into their family. He inspires everyone around him to be positive, to push themselves harder, and do their best in life.

In closing while watching this video it reminded me of a question I often ask myself, and I invite our readers to ask yourselves this too. “Am I being of service and helping others? When I leave this planet and stand before God at my judgement will I be able to say, “I did everything I could to help others down here?” God commands us to love Him first, before anyone, or anything else, then we are to love one another. This family appears to have their priorities perfectly in line with what God wants us to do, they are truly setting a great example. We absolutely love what they have done, and wish them many more blessings in the years to come.