While Growing Up She Was Called “Basketball Girl,” Now She’s Known As A Champion!

Qian Hongyan is a double amputee, from a rural village in China. At the age of 4 she was hit by a speeding truck. The accident cost her both legs, and nearly took her life. With little to no resources in her village she struggled until her grandfather found a basketball, and cut it so she could fit her body into it, and be able to stay mobile. She became known as the basketball girl.

She has gone on to receive international recognition for her amazing athletic accomplishments, and she posses tremendous willpower. Her story illustrates that her success was driven by determination, but was also dependent on compassion from others. Because of the compassion of her family, doctors, coaches, journalists, and various donors, this girl was able, and encouraged to pursue her dreams, and they turned out to be far greater than she ever dreamed possible. I hope this story will inspire you to be determined despite the difficulties you encounter, and to be a compassionate influence in the lives of others as well.