When He Rescued This Penguin He Had No Idea The Penguin Would Do This!

On the coast of Southeast Brazil in 2011, Joao a retired man found a Magellanic penguin saturated in oil. The penguin was helplessly lying in the sand. Joao cleaned up the penguin, nursed it back to health, and named it Jingjing. The two created a unique bond and when Joao tried to release the penguin back into the wild he learned the penguin would not just walk away. Jingjing’s love and gratitude became so obvious as he returns to his human parent off and on to stay with him, as a matter of fact he stays with him 8 months out of the year. Jingjing goes venturing out to sea and always finds his way back home to Joao his human family. This cycle of Jingjing’s going out to sea and returning has gone on for the last four years and doesn’t appear to be going to stop, as his love always finds his way back to Joao.