What Would You Change About Your Body? See What These 50 People Said.

When 50 people were asked the same question, some of the answers were surprising, some were similar. If you could change one thing about your body what would it be? We all have little things we think we would like to be different, but really would you change them if you could?  Something we should ask ourselves is would you be changing for the approval of others? A better question would be, why would you want to change a thing? Those little things make you the unique individual that you are. For example when Jennifer Gray the actress from the movie Dirty Dancing got plastic surgery done on her nose she was still beautiful, but the thing that made her unique was gone. As a matter of fact she really didn’t work too much after that, and people didn’t recognize her. It’s refreshing to hear the gray haired lady say, “it just wouldn’t be me if I changed the way I looked, I love my gray hair.” It brought a smile to my face when the little girl said, “I like my body.”

In this world every last one of us is a unique one of a kind creation, a masterpiece that is truly beyond compare to any other, so why would anyone want to change that? There is only going to be one you ever in history, that is a pretty awesome thought, so be comfortable and confident in your own skin.