What This Mirror Tells These Women Makes Them Cry Tears Of Joy!

When the mirror in the video gives these women real feedback about themselves, and what they are like from other peoples view, you can see love conquering all, and real healing happening! The lies of comparison, low self- esteem, society, and most of all the enemy are being brought to light, and kicked out!

There is something beautiful in everyone! If it is not outright spend a little time with someone, look for it, and you will find it. We all have many God given gifts and characteristics that make us who we are. The saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder is true, it is one persons interpretation of what they see. Real beauty radiates from a beautiful heart, from the inside out. An example of this would have been Robin Williams, his ability to bring a smile to any persons face made him absolutely handsome! It radiated out of him when he would get on a role in his work. You could feel the love and passion, as he put love out and it came back. We are all so much more than just physical beauty! We are so much more than the image in the mirror, think about the characteristics that make us up. We can be kind, compassionate, loving, caring, generous, angry, selfish, narrow minded, funny, and so on. It is safe to say we can be many, and all things as far as our character goes, and that reflects outward. When we choose to love others and ourselves, that love radiates outward to others, they see and feel it, and it makes us gorgeous! Next time you look in the mirror think about that! When we accept, love ourselves, and others, we are so much more than a negative reflection in the mirror. We are much more beautiful than enough!