What This Chimpanzee Does When Jane Goodall Frees It, Brought Me To Tears!

Wounda the Chimpanzee shows the world in this video how much we humans are the care takers of this planet, and the wild life that lives here. When Wounda was found she was very sick, and in need of immediate care. She was appropriately named Wounda because she was very close to dying. Dr Jane Goodall joins Dr. Rebecca Atencia Tchimpounga who is the manager of the Congo Jane Goodall Institute, and accompanies them for Wounda’s release back into the wild.

Wounda is the 15th Chimapanzee to be set free into the jungle of Tchindzoulou Island. It doesn’t show it in this video but Wounda walks up to hug Rebecca first, then goes over to Jane Goodall and lingers just holding her. The love and gratitude Wounda shows Rebecca and Jane is profoundly beautiful. She also brings the understanding to humanity just how much animals understand us and have feelings. She knew exactly what was happening. She was so loving, and grateful to the two people who saved her life, and she showed it in an unmistakable way. Watching that loving hug that meant thank you, and good bye, was truly touching, and very much a tear jerker.