What These Women Did To Get A Husband, Status, And To Fit In, Is Mind Blowing!

This is very provocative in the sense it really makes one think how far we people are willing to go to adhere to what society is promoting as beautiful at this time. We have all seen fads come and go, but when you think about it are we actually progressing, or regressing in styles as far as being healthy and comfortable are concerned? For example think about the things we, and other cultures do to our bodies like, implants, tummy tucks, nose jobs, surgeries, injections, botox, braces, tattoos, piercings, tweezing, waxing, shaving, corsets, neck stretching, skin bleaching, teeth chiseling, starving our selves, to using make up that contains lead, and mercury, and hair colors that have ammonia and whatever other toxin the manufacturer chooses to put in them.

Foot binding was probably one of the more destructive, as the girls toes were broken, then bound and kept that way. Women’s feet often became infected and that would add to the pain. Sometimes the girls toe nails would grow in, and were even removed altogether. These girls and women suffered all their lives. All for the sake of going along with what society says is beautiful!

I encourage every human being reading just be yourself, you are beautiful just the way you are. God is the most amazing artist ever, he made you perfect in his image and he does not make mistakes! Accept and love yourself, you look the way you do for a reason and a purpose. Don’t buy into the lying air brushed glamour the media puts out about what is beautiful. Never, ever compare yourself to others because there is no comparison! Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way! God is generous. If he did not give you one thing you want, look deeper, and guaranteed you will see he thought best to give you a different gift.

We all like a stylish outfit or pair of shoes, but if I am not 100% comfortable they stay right on that store shelf. I go find something that is comfortable because I value my body and take care of it. If certain members of society do not find me attractive in my comfortable state, that’s their problem. I believe I deserve good just like every other human out there does.