What Happens When Seniors And Preschoolers Start Hanging Out Together? I’m In Tears!

Over the next 25 years the population of our seniors is expected to double. So programs like the one in this video may become more the norm, than they are right now. After watching this video, I truly hope inter-generational learning centers become a part of mainstream healthcare!

At Providence Mount St. Vincent, in Seattle, Washington, beautiful interactions often take place between the seniors living in this residence, and the children from the preschool, which is also located in the building. Both age groups bring wonderful gifts to their encounters together. The elderly share the wisdom of their life long experience, patient kindness, time, and loving attention with the children. The children bring their innocent joy for life, unconditional love, and are a welcome distraction from humdrum boredom for the seniors. With so many elders experiencing isolation, depression, loneliness, and physical decline, it is very easy to see how both these age groups are actually benefiting each other, and fulfilling each others needs in a very positive, and meaningful way.