What Every Person Needs To Know About The Secrets We Keep.

Would you open up and tell the world your deepest darkest secrets?Promiscuity, alcoholism, addictions, bulimia, drugs, perfectionism, any of these are self shaming, and hard for anyone to admit to, let alone get help for. Glennon Doyle Melton has experienced it all, and with great courage she shares her life’s trials in this great ted talk. It takes courage to be vulnerable, and forthcoming about a persons life.  Sensitive people have the hardest time. When trauma and rejection have been inflicted on a truth teller, many shut down, and numb their feelings. Hardening their hearts, because that rejection is so painful to them. Then to stay numb, many begin self medicating to avoid feeling the pain of life’s events. The truth is until we own up to our darkest parts and acts, facing them, and bringing them into the light, they choke our life off from reality, and own us. For real healing to happen the darkness in us must be exposed and brought into the light. For some people it takes hitting rock bottom to get to that breakdown, or break through. Trying to control, and keep our secrets only builds walls around us separating us from others, and the pain of feeling our emotions. Our emotions are what makes us human, we have to feel them, and work through them! If we don’t we will eventually snap under the weight of repressing them. We can only carry a heavy load for so long, until we are forced to put it down. Glennon does a good job of sharing, and being vulnerable in this video. Driving home the necessary points needed for all of us to heal, and become whole again. Disclaimer the above information is not intended as therapy if you or someone you know are experiencing mental health issues please seek help from trained mental  health professionals.