What These Animals Do With A Girls Christmas Gift Leaves Her Speechless!

The marketing genius of John Lewis has done it again! Known as, “Britain’s favorite retailer” his Christmas ads never fail to get us into the Christmas spirit. This ad showing a little girl having a great time jumping on her bed in front of her dog Buster, is so sweet and cute we just had to share it.

The animation of the animals tentatively trying out the trampoline while Buster longingly watches and waits for his chance to experience the joy they’re partaking in, is such a great parallel to how kids feel while waiting for Christmas day. Especially when they see other’s with the toys they want for Christmas, and have to patiently wait for Christmas morning to unwrap their coveted toys. This ad caught the sense of wonder and awe of what Christmas is like for kids. We’re sure you’ll be transported back to those sweet moments you enjoyed about Christmas as a child like we were.