This Wedding Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen, So Beautiful It Brought Us To Tears!

This is probably one of the most beautiful acts of love I have ever seen. Rowden and Leizl had a lovely little girl, truly loved each other, and planned to be married on his birthday which was on July 8, 2014. However to their shock Rowden was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer in late May.

Rowden’s last request is what we witness in this beautiful video. He wanted to marry his darling sweetheart, and the love of his life. By July 8th Rowden was too weak, and sick to leave the hospital, so his family prepared the wedding ceremony in the hospital. They managed to pull it all together in a mere 12 hours. For the bride, and family, the tears they shed are bitter sweet as they relish, and make the most of every moment of life they have with Rowden. This is such a reminder how precious life is, and how we should live every moment to the fullest. It’s also a lesson that even on a person’s death bed something wonderful can still happen.

Sadly within 10 hours of exchanging his marriage vows with his bride Rowden passed away. He may be gone, but he is still having an impact on this world. Their devotion and sweet love was such a beautiful thing to witness! May God Bless, and comfort the family. Rest in Peace Rowden.