Watch This And You Will See, Love Really Is The Best Medicine!

Kevin Taylor broke his leg 13 years ago, he later developed RSD, or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Doctors had to amputate the leg, and Kevin spent all that time in a wheel chair. Last year when Kevin met Kim, his now fiancee, they recall it was like an instant connection, love at first sight. His wheel chair did not bother Kim in the least she looked past it to his heart, and the person on the inside.

Kim Smiles, “His heart makes up for any lack of limb, he is the most amazing person.”

When Kevin decided to make their wedding day the best day of Kim’s life, he went behind her back, and planned something so sweet, and beautiful for her it brings everyone including Kim to tears. Their reactions are so  touching and amazing, you simply have to watch this great video, as Kim finds out her love is the best motivation, and  medicine for Kevin.  Kevin’s very wise advice to other people is, “Love Often, Be Positive, Live Every Day Like It’s Your Last.”