We All Want Unconditional Love But Few Have Experienced It Fully. Here’s Why!

Unconditional love in this world is a hard thing to come by, other than the love of a parent. In many cases even that is conditional as well as spouses, siblings, and friends. Unfortunately if you think about it love down here on planet earth often depends on what the other person does with or to us. It depends on if they want that love, and relationship in their lives, value it, or if they hold up their end of the marriage vows agreement, like staying faithful. Many counselors will tell you people in marriage usually fight about sex and money, those tend to be the biggest things people have problems with. Sooner or later without an intervention things fall apart and that is a conditional love relationship. The fact is sooner or later conditional love fails to stand up to the trials of life when we do not choose to make it unconditional. That is where we all tend to fail terribly because God commands us to love him first, then our neighbor as our self. It is the greatest command he has given us!

Matthew 6:33 (NIV) “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

We need to invite God into our lives so he can be in the middle of our relationships. With God in the middle all things are possible, and a marriage is supposed to have God in the middle. Why?  Because God is Love! With God in the middle of our love relationships they go up to whole new higher level that is far more profoundly beautiful, meaningful, enduring, and unconditional! When God is invited into those relationships forgiveness becomes easier, which is a must in any relationship. Look how Jesus forgave those who crucified him. Our whole outlook and perspective on relationships changes with God in the middle. God never forces his way, he respects our free will, we have to invite him in to our relationships. We get our relationships blessed by God by putting God first in our lives, and loving him more than anyone else, obeying his commandments, and living in obedience. This song will bring a loving tear to your eye. It illustrates how God waits patiently for us to realize we need to go to him, and ask to get our needs met his way, not ours. How he loves us unconditionally in a way no human possibly can. He wants to dry our tears and holds us in the palm of his hand. He just wants to share in our lives, love, help and bless us.