Waiter Risks His Job To Defend A Boy With Downs Syndrome

A waiter at a restaurant called Lorenzo’s in Texas, is being recognized for taking a firm stand against discrimination, and prejudice of special needs people. When a customer started mocking a little Boy with Downs Syndrome Michael took a stand.  He risked losing his job by denying them service, and asking them to leave. Micheal says the response to what he has done has been huge and overwhelming.

Micheal has expressed that the big message is about, “being compassionate towards all people, and especially kids with special needs,”the stand he took was for all of them.” What is impressive is Micheal’s conduct and attitude. He did not retaliate with violence which begets violence,  rudeness, or anger, but with compassion even for the person he asked to leave. Realizing there is some brokenness in that person, and two wrongs don’t make a right! Hopefully the person who was told to leave learned their lesson. I think we need billions more people like Micheal in this world! What do you the reader think about what Micheal did? Feel free to leave a comment below.