Gone Viral! Tiny Premature Twins Just Want To Hold Each Others Hands.

This video has had over 7 million views and it’s easy to see why, beside the fact that it’s adorably sweet. This video gives hope to parent’s struggling with a baby that has been born prematurely. Anthea Jackson-Rutherford’s twin babies Kristiana and Kristian arrived two months early. The video was shot while receiving medical treatment and shows the twins lovingly holding hands.

With twins in my family I was actually not surprised to see this at all. When my mother brought our twin boys home she tried to put them in separate cribs and it was a disaster. They cried and absolutely would not stop until they were tucked back in together. Once the babies were cuddled up closely they went sound to sleep without a problem. They had been together since conception had cuddled for nine months in the womb, it would only make sense they would feel lonely without their sibling. Watch at the end of the video below how the baby reaches right across dad’s chest for the other baby’s hand actually looking for it.

Science is proving babies are a lot more aware than people might think, and the more we learn about what goes on in the womb the more we realize they are just helpless little human beings without the benefit of our size and life experience. A study done in Spain by the Institut Marques has proven that babies respond to music at only 16 weeks by moving their mouth and tongue. Researchers believe this is the baby vocalizing as their brain circuits activate. Scientists conclude because of this, that learning starts in the womb. Babies in the womb are able to feel pain, express themselves by both smiling, and grimacing as seen by researchers in this Link. It is amazing, and fascinating to see how these little human beings have such visibly profound reactions, likes, and dislikes so early.