Twin Toddler’s Bedtime Has Never Looked Like This Before! It’s Every Mum’s Dream Come True!

For most parents putting a toddler to bed is not the most pleasant time, it can be a downright struggle, and battle of wills. When these twins are told to go to bed by their mom they happily climb in their cribs with their bottles. The tone of her voice actually makes it sound like they are going to do something fun, or exciting. Kids pick up on everything. Bed time can be made a fun time, nurturing time, or struggle, the choice is ours when we as parents create the atmosphere. This video is such a dramatic illustration of how our attitudes, vocal tone, and speech effects our babies, it’s profound. These two little darlings obediently run to their bed, and launch themselves into their crib in the cutest way. I truly enjoyed watching this, and had to laugh at this cuteness overload.