Tormented Until She Forgave Her Attacker, Then Something Awesome Happened!

Sarah Kallies was assaulted one day by a man who had been stalking her. She managed to escape, but the trauma and aftermath of the incident slowly grew to encompass her life. She was angry and stayed in a state of unforgiveness toward her stalker, and those who had not supported her with compassion. As you watch you will see she learns over a period of time that for her to be free she must forgive, let go, and surrender to God.

In The Bible Luke 17:4 (NIV) Jesus explains that we MUST forgive, and in Mathew 6:14 it tells us that when we forgive others, THEN God forgives us. When you think about it we have all done wrong and we all need forgiveness! Unforgiveness brings us torment it eats us up. In Mathew 18:34 it even tells us we are handed over to the torturers.

Forgiveness means letting go from the heart, not punishing the other person, and trusting in God’s justice. It does not mean putting ones self back in harms way. When she finally makes the decision to forgive, she realizes that all that time she had been carrying such a horrible burden, and that forgiveness is truly what sets us free from the bondage of the things that have hurt us. When you think about it forgiveness is a freeing act of selfishness, a self indulgence of the best kind!