Top 7 Poisons You Have Used On Your Body And Face Today!

In many countries dangerous toxic chemicals have been banned from cosmetics, toiletries, and body creams. Europe banned 1,373, Canada has restricted use and banned over 500, and the USA has banned 8. The unfortunate truth is these chemicals get into the body and accumulate, and even small exposure to some of them can be harmful. The companies are allowed to self regulate, and are trusted to make sure their products are safe. Companies are free to put whatever ingredients they want into them.

Here is a list of The Top 7 Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics And Toiletries:

1. Mercury- also labelled thimerosal  can be found in eye drops, ointments, and deodorant.

2. Formaldehyde- can be found in nail polish, hair gel, shampoo, lotions

3. Triclosan- is found in deodorant, soap, toothpaste.

4. Parabens- found in ointments, lotions, skin care products.

5. Ethylene Oxide- found in shampoos, scented items, fragrances.

6. Lead- found in up to 650+ different cosmetics including foundation, and lipstick.

7. Sodium laurel sulfate- found in foaming products like soaps and shampoos.

Other toxic ingredients to avoid are BHA, BHT, DEA, MEA, TEA, PEG compounds, there are many more, too many to mention. When I saw lead being put in lipstick it made me think of it being drank, and eaten, that is truly frightening! Consumers need to research, be aware, and careful to protect themselves. Allergic reactions have also been connected to some ingredients. To avoid  products with harmful ingredients make a list and bring it along when shopping. Try to find green or organic cosmetics, to do that you will have to shop around as some are misleading, so be discerning.

When I learned about the fact that there really are very little safe guards this analogy came to my mind. Allowing a company who is biased for their own profit to self regulate, is like telling a hungry wolf in a chicken coup to let the farmer know if he kills all the chickens, slowly, and after the fact! The wolf is even going to make millions of dollars on top of that. Do you think the wolf would be stupid enough to disclose what he did to the farmer’s chickens? Probably Not!!! In the meantime us chickens are unprotected by those who should be protecting us, and most are unaware there is even any danger!