The Top 6 Best Baby Videos Of All Time.

When these twins father plays music for them, the two of them  jump into synchronized  action like partners in crime. They become so sweetly animated just moving to the rhythm, you’re going to enjoy this! Adorable!

When this mom decided to zip her baby in her coat the results were adorably cute. Babies are so sweet in their reactions to something new and strange, and this baby is no exception. Their playful exchange is so funny.

When this dad and son start playfully tearing paper the results are going to have you in hysterics. When he falls over laughing you will want to laugh right along with him.

When this babies mom blows her nose this babies reaction is going to have you giggling!

When this mom sings for her son he feels the emotions of the song so much his reaction is overwhelming. We dare you to try to watch this one without tearing up.

When this baby learns where eggs come from her reaction is going to make you laugh. Well at least now her parents won’t have to explain which came first the chicken or the egg.