Top 5 Reasons Why Doctor’s Recommend Us To Detox From Soda & Live Longer!

You wouldn’t drink battery acid so why would anyone want to drink pop? Soda pop is one of those drinks that when I was working in fitness, was on my hit list for people to get rid of from their diets first, and foremost. Soda is not a natural food! This drink is devastating people in the worst ways possible. This informative video tells it like it is, with a solution of how to get off soda at the end.  Travis from the show “The Doctors” explains why this is so important. Very  helpful!

Top 5 Reasons To Give Up Soda

1. TO LOSE WEIGHT,  soda increases obesity by 41%. Just eliminating pop can help a person begin to lose weight.

2. AVOID DIABETES,  67% risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

3. KEEP YOUR TEETH, the acidity in the soda is similar to battery acid and rots the teeth.

4. PRESERVE YOUR KIDNEY FUNCTION,  soda is linked to causing a decline in kidney function.

5. HAVE HEALTHY BABIES,  one can a day is linked to a 38 % higher risk in having a premature baby.

To get off soda Jillian and Travis recommended, try drinking some soda, or seltzer water with a little bit of fruit in it for 30 days until your taste buds, and body begin to readjust, and you begin to crave healthier drinks. I like to use a little lemon with other fruits because it is so packed with healthy nutrients. What are your favorite healthy drinks, leave a comment below.


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