Top 4 Scientist Recommended Reasons Why You May Need a Probiotic

Shane Ellison is an author and award winning chemist/scientist who worked for big pharmaceutical companies. He quit and walked away from a brilliant career when he realized the drugs being produced were often harmful toxins. Also that a lot of what we need to get healthy can be found in our diets and can be supplemented to our foods.

This video explains why we need a probiotic, and prebiotic together. Having the gut healthy helps get the body back in balance.

Here are Shane’s top 4 reasons why we might need a probiotic:

1. Prevents belly bloating, helping digestive system.

2. Helps the immune system.

3. Restores balance in the body with beneficial needed bacteria.

4. Helps stop acid reflux, eliminates candida or yeast which is now epidemic because of our high sugar diets.

So what do you look for in a good probiotic well they are not all created equally. What you want to look for is living bacteria in your probiotic if it is not refrigerated it’s probably not alive, or not one of the better ones.

Here is a list of 3 things Shane pointed out to look for when buying a probiotic:

1. Minimum 10 million active cells or bacteria count per dose.

2. Variety of strains, of bacteria with some type of nutrition for the living bacteria to feed off.

3. Make sure it is a continuously refrigerated quality product.

Also incorporate Prebiotics to work with the probiotic, some foods containing them are:

Psyllium husk, asparagus, garlic, raw dandelion, leeks, and onions.

DISCLAIMER this information is not given for medical purposes, please always consult your doctor for a full assessment of any health problems, or risks before undertaking any supplementation.