He Took An Old Blanket To Antiques Roadshow & What He Learns About It, Brings Him To Tears!

What happened to Ted in this video is a dream come true! When Antiques Roadshow was in his town, Ted decided to bring in an old Navajo blanket that had belonged to Kit Carson, and was given to the foster father of his grandmother. It became an heirloom passed down in his family, but he had no idea of its true value.

When Donald Ellis lays eyes on the Navajo Chief’s Ute First Phase blanket, made in 1840-1860 he is breathless! Because he Knows the blanket’s potential worth not just in dollar value, but as a rare National treasure. He appraises the Chief’s blanket which had formerly been just draped over the back of Ted’s chair at home at an incredible $500,000. This turned out to be one fantastic visit Ted will never forget to the Antiques Roadshow, and we couldn’t be happier for him. Congratulations Ted!