Toddler Comes Out Of Sedation After Near Drowning Speaking For The First Time Saying, “Mommy.”

Natalie Holiday’s 2 year old daughter, Catalina wandered away from the house while the family was in the middle of moving. Natalie says it all happened so quickly, and the minute they noticed her missing they went searching for her. Catalina’s 12 year old brother Ethan, found her floating face down in a nearby retention pond. He went in and rescued her, pulling her lifeless body to shore. After CPR was done by both a neighbor, then a police officer, Catalina was fully resuscitated and taken to hospital.

Then a miracle happened! Catalina had been developmentally delayed, and wasn’t speaking before the drowning. However, on the day the toddler came out of sedation, her mother noticed that everything about her was different. Catalina started talking immediately saying, “mommy” for the first time, and has continued talking since that day. Natalie has seen a huge change in her toddler, and she is overjoyed at the wonderful changes. This story is a great reminder that God has the ability, to turn any bad situation we may be in around for his Glory. Luke 18:27 And he said, “What is impossible for human beings is possible for God.”(NAB)