This Tree House With A Crows Nest, And Rope Bridge, Is Every Child’s Dream Come True!

Every kid dreams of a tree house like this one! Jeri Wakefield and her husband are the type of grandparent’s every child wishes they had. The couple built this 100 square foot, gorgeous tree house out of a lot of salvaged, and recycled materials. Jeri wanted the tree house to be a special place for their grandchildren and friends to enjoy. It is the type of fairy tale place she wanted as a kid but never had. There is a lot of whimsical, and sentimental objects, creatively decorating this precious space. The tree house has evolved, and grown as they went along, they have added an awesome rope bridge, crows nest, balconies, stained glass windows, slides, and many other amazingly beautiful features. With a tree house this beautiful it would be easy to see why most kids would never want to leave.