This Toddler Was Decapitated, Now After Miracle Surgery He’s Walking!

This sweet toddler with such an infectious, and loving smile for his mum, is named Jaxon Taylor, and he has endured so much at such an early age. He is being called a medical miracle. He was internally decapitated during a car crash, that he and his family were in. The vehicle crashed while doing 110Km/h, and the impact separated Jaxon’s head from his spine. This is known as an internal decapitation, and very few people survive this type of injury. Dr Geoff Askin, and his team did the six hour, life saving surgery on Jaxon. The surgery has so far proven a wonderful success. The toddler is going to have to wear the halo for at least 8 weeks, and we can’t wait to see him out of it and running around. Get Well Soon Jaxon!