This Soap Company Is Helping Women Get Free From Slavery, And Sexual Trafficking!

Human trafficking has always been with us, but now with more awareness it is showing itself as a global epidemic! There are over 20 million suffering in slavery. Maiya is one of the many victims who was sold at age 13 into the sex trade, and transported to another location to be abused, and exploited. People are often tricked with the promise of work, or marriage, coerced, or outright abducted. Maiya after years of abuse was finally able to buy her freedom, and has been able to escape. She is now working with Josephine Tan making a decent living, along with other survivors, making soap at Touch Nature. If anyone would like to support this women’s refuge and buy their soap, there is a link at the bottom of this article.

These three facts about human trafficking really surprised me. It is unfortunate most people do not have a clue about this but awareness brings change, it shines light on the dark so here they are:

1. It has been estimated that there are at least 35.8 million people trapped in human trafficking, and modern day slavery. It is happening in North America!

2. Mauritania, Uzbekistan, and Haiti are the top three countries in the world with the most slavery, and trafficking by % of population. The number of people enslaved by country is 14 Million in India, 3.2 million in China, and 2.1 million in Pakistan. The people being trafficked include women, children, and even men. This problem is epidemic and huge!

3. The victims of all ages are being used not only physically for labor, or sexually, but their organs are being harvested for people who need transplants. People are being abducted, and smuggled into countries for those specific reasons.

Some signs a person is being trafficked that people can watch for are, a child’s clothes are inappropriate in size, or for the climate, or is dressed sexually provocatively. The person looks under nourished, appears physically/sexually abused like bruises, burns, scars etc., seem to be intoxicated or drugged. They have very little belongings, if any. The person is fearful to speak, a trafficker interferes with anyone speaking to them, and they don’t know where they are going, arrival etc. They are not allowed to go anywhere alone, they are closely guarded and kept under control.

If you suspect someone is being trafficked don’t personally try to rescue them, but call the police, 911, or airport security!

People can purchase the soap that the women of Touch Nature make through their online store Prema Touch in buying you will be helping to support women as they recover their dignity, and heal, in a safe shelter, the work there helps sustain those escaping slavery. To purchase “Touch Nature” soap click here.

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