This Couple’s Unshakable Love Really Conquers It All!

This beautiful love story between characters Margaret, and Daniel is sure to pull at every heart string. As the story begins Margaret is frantically caring for Daniel who is suffering with Dementia. While many of us have cared for loved ones suffering with failing health, this story is such a great reminder to remember the person you love, and the good times. Realize it is a privilege to lovingly care for, and be of service to them. So much can be shared, and learned, when people are vulnerable and need to be taken care of. Unconditional love can blossom during those times in unique, and beautiful ways, that couldn’t happen in other situations.

As Margaret remembers how she met Daniel as kids, how they later dated, married, and had a family, we witness how the numerous hardships they faced together helped them grow. The trials of life brought them closer after they conquered them. It is sweet to see how they steadfastly, love each other through it all with tolerance, forgiveness, and the sincere devotion marriage demands. When Daniel sees all the messages he gave Margaret over the years, and his memory returns, even though it might only be for awhile, it is a heart melting moment. As they embrace, and embark on the rest of their lives journey, one can tell these two will always have each others back in sickness, and health, as they co-pilot each other along, overcoming all hardship through their unshakable love.