This 12 Yr Old’s Speech To The United Nations Was So Powerful, She Left The World Awestruck!

Severn is one of those people this world needs millions more of, passionate, smart, people of action! People who see that the direction this world is going in is not good for anyone, and are willing to speak up loudly, and make sure they are heard. Her message is as profoundly true today, as it was 20 years ago when she delivered it. We need to preserve this planet for us, and our children’s sake. We need to work together, and help each other, we are all on this planet together, and what effects one has an effect on the other. If our governments can find money for wars, then why can’t they invest in conservation, environmental issues, feed the hungry, and share with the poor? Severn has an excellent point!

So who is this girl who spoke so boldly to the U.N.? Severn Cullis-Suzuki is the daughter of Canadian born scientist, author, broadcaster, Dr David Suzuki. David is well respected in the international community for his work with the environment, and has established the David Suzuki Foundation. His daughter Severn is also an environmental activist, writer, who later became a Yale University Graduate. At the young age of 9 years old she founded the Environmental Children’s Organization, (ECO) the groups aim was to learn, teach, and bring awareness about environmental issues to others. In 1992, at age 12 with ECO, Severn traveled to the Rio Earth Summit, where she delivered this compelling speech. Her video of this speech, has been viewed by millions of people world wide. When you listen to her you know she speaks from the heart, with such powerful conviction, she silenced, and awed those listening. This girl did a great job, and now in her 30’s she has continued advocating for change with these issues. She is a wonderful inspiration to others, and especially our youth.