They Followed Strange Crying Sounds. What they found? Was So Tiny & Helpless It Will Melt Your Heart!

Elize and Anton Olivier were at a Picnic Site, in Kruger National Park, South Africa, when they heard this poor little two week old baby squirrel crying out in pain for help. When they looked up they compassionately knew they had to rescue it, and sprang into action. It had been climbing around and fell. On the way down it got caught on a thorn which impaled it through the back. The thorn probably saved it from a hard fall, but the poor baby was stuck there. It would have died there if it hadn’t been for these good Samaritans who came along, and went to great lengths to gently rescue it. Since then they have affectionately named him Thorn, because of the way he was found. He is now doing much better with Elize and Anton in Letaba.