These Facts About The Titanic Are Both Haunting And Fascinating!

The movie Titanic is one most of us will never forget because of its emotional impact. It also gave us a glimpse of how different life on the ship would have been for the upper and lower classes sailing on it. If a passenger was fortunate enough to be travelling first class the ship had unimaginable amenities for that time in history. They had luxuries like a Turkish bath, Persian Cafe, heated swimming pool, a library, and more. However the 700 people in third class would have been made painfully aware of their status in life, and had only two bathtubs that had to be shared.

The fact that the whole collision with the ice berg could have been avoided by notifying the captain just 30 seconds sooner is so very tragic. The facts in this video are interesting, and for the most we had never heard before. We found ourselves feeling a whole range of emotions watching this from impressed at the ships opulence, to thinking how fortunate the married couple were who loved each other so much, and how they refused to be parted, and stayed together until their death. Many life stories ended when the ship went down, but some of the beauty and character of their lives are still able to touch us in a special way even today. May they Rest in Peace.