The Unique Challenges A Parent Of Triplets Has Will Surprise You!

No doubt about it multiple identical babies are a load of fun, and heart meltingly cute! What people don’t often realize is that when parents have identical twins, triplets, or more, they are faced with some unique, and unexpected challenges they never usually anticipate.

Parents Karen, and Ian Gilbert live in Pontypool, South Wales, and are the proud parents of these triplets, that are already little television stars. Any parent of identical children knows the first hurdle to overcome is how to tell them apart. This happened in my own family, and it was hilarious, and also not so funny. The parent of identical triplets has to know which one has been fed, burped, bathed, and changed. Otherwise they could be starving one, and overfeeding another, and not changing the right one, thinking they already did it. Mum and dad has to quickly figure out how to tell them apart. This couple has actually found an easy way, they matched the baby’s first initial with the nail polish shades name, such as purple for Paige, mint green for Maddison, and fuschia for Ffion. There are numerous other challenges parent’s face with multiples, as you will see in the video. However these babies more than make up for the work with the amount of multiplied love, and sheer joy, they bring into the lives of their parents, they are a blessing beyond measure!