Haunted In To Action, This Hero Inspired A Nation, You’ve Got To See This!

With a tumor in each lung, one the size of a lemon, the other a golf ball, could you run a 26 mile marathon every day? Could you run on one leg, for 137 days, in all weather conditions? Terry Fox did this and more, all for a very noble cause!

At 18 years old Terry Fox was diagnosed with cancer in his right knee, which doctors amputated. While in treatment he saw kids suffering with cancer, filled with compassion these memories haunted him into action.  He trained for 14 months then began his, “Marathon Of Hope.” His goal was to run all the way across Canada and raise $1 million for cancer research, starting in Saint John’s Newfoundland On April 12, 1980 Terry started running his Marathon Of Hope, 26 miles every single day.  Donations were slow in the beginning but he ran with purpose. He ran in snow, sleet, cold spring winds, 90 degree heat, pouring rain, on rugged terrain, on a prosthetic leg, with the stump of his leg at times chafed, and even bleeding!!! He just kept going in faith!

By the time Terry got to Ontario things started to pick up, he was invited to kick off a CFL game in Toronto. Not expecting people to know him, he was surprised when the crowd went wild in support. Terry never lost site of his goal to raise money for cancer research the celebrity aspect never phased him. People fell in love with his humility, integrity, honesty, innocents, compassion, steely determination, and willingness to openly share, and be vulnerable. Those qualities made him such an incredible inspiration, he became a national hero and icon.  The day he died the entire nation mourned his loss.

This powerful video will inspire, and tell you the full story, yes it’s even more incredible!

His Marathon Of Hope is now spreading in popularity around the world, many are being held this week. Please donate to cancer research, and see about a Terry Fox Run near you.  For more info visit his website.  Terry you will forever be in our hearts, we love you!