Teen Walks 9 Miles To Rescue A Sick Runaway Horse!

Kelsey and her mother were travelling to a swap meet in Kankakee, illinois when her mum took a different route. Along the way they found a pony on the side of the road eating grass that looked like a walking skeleton. The starving horse had broken loose from its home in a desperate search for food. They decided they couldn’t leave her there especially in that horrible condition. She had whip marks, her eye was swollen shut, she was weak and had been starved for some time. The poor horse collapsed in the ditch and in despair didn’t even have the will to get up. Thankfully Kelsey would not give up on her though!

When Kelsey tried to get the horse into a trailer it was skittish and refused to go in. Out of compassion kelsey walked 9 miles with the horse to bring it to her home, and the walk took 4 long hours. She then lovingly nursed her back to health, even sleeping in the barn with her for 5 nights. If Sonny was going to die Kelsey didn’t want her to leave this world alone, but rather knowing someone in this world loved and cared for her. Kelsey’s true character shined through when she pointed out that, “a life is a life no matter how small and she needed saving.” It is expected Sonny will make a full recovery, and we’re so happy these two found each other as their friendship is such a beautiful thing to see. Well done Kelsey!