Teacher & Students Build Hover Crafts, Plasma Balls & Canons, See Why The Kids Adore Him!

Mr. Wright’s home life is a reflection of his work day. He spends his days unconditionally loving his family, teaching, and compassionately helping his students. He also manages to have truck loads of fun along the way! He is one of those people that has a truly gentle, and loving soul, and projects it out into the world unashamed, and unafraid to be vulnerable. He’s humble, and open and it’s part of what makes him so well loved, and approachable to his students.

When a child encounters a teacher like him, they never forget them, and they impact them for life. This man is the epitome of everything a teacher should be! Mr. Wright is following his true calling, and he is excellent at what he does! He makes sure his classes are full of fun, and they have experimented with every thing from plasma balls to hover crafts. He understands when a child, and teacher are able to create positive bonds out of respect, and genuine caring, the sky is the limit for the child! It’s wonderful to watch how he helps his students build confidence, encourages them to want to learn, and shows them learning can be both interesting and fun. This was one of the best videos we’ve ever seen, it was truly heartwarming. It will remind many of us of that one special teacher that had an impact, and made a world of difference in our lives. Thank You Mr. Wright for being an inspiration to us all, and for being such a great example of how we should love others.