Teacher Gives Student Ultimatum, Deny God, Or Drop My Class! What He Did Next? Is Unbelievable!

It shouldn’t matter if you are an atheist, Christian, or follow any religion, you should have the Right, and freedom, to exercise your beliefs without fear of punishment or reprisal! These days we allow freedom of Choice, and Rights for just about everything in our society, however this girl had her Rights severely violated! What happened to this student was the equivalent of dictatorship in the classroom, and it’s wrong on so many levels!

Grace Lewis, was taking a class offered by Polk State college, in Florida. The very smart student usually had a 3.9 GPA. She was punished with 4 straight zero grades, because of her belief in God. Her professor used his position of power over his student, and tried to force her to adopt his world views. When she tried to stand up for herself he retaliated, by punishing her with undeserved failing grades. It appears she wasn’t the only victim of this bullying either.

The education system should not be an open forum for the infiltration of personal agendas, or unwholesome perverse grooming!

Some people will think, why should I care it doesn’t affect me? Well because some day if things continue the way they have been going, it just might affect us all! When one group of people’s Rights get violated, are suppressed, or forced into compromise, you can automatically look forward to the same tyrants inflicting more harm. Basically the hate filled, social meat grinder just moves forward to crush the next group of people it doesn’t like. Why can’t people just live, and let live! What Grace did was the courageous thing, not the easy thing, and by standing up for her rights has stood up for others as well.