Talented Riverdancing Priests Go Viral, Must See!

This video is going viral with good reason, these priests are awesome dancers! The priests have also been wrongfully criticized as behaving inappropriately! So I have a question for you the reader, if you had an amazing God given talent, or gift, do you think you should use it for good? Would you have the courage even if people might criticize, wrongfully judge you as an individual, and mock you with stero-type insults.

Definitely all gifts should be discovered, cultivated, used and shared! This comparison came to mind, not using a gift you have is the equivalent of your father giving you a birthday party and you are awarded a tailor made special present, that you are to enjoy and share with others so all can benefit, and you refuse to accept, or even open it. Wouldn’t your father be upset and everyone at the party think what a little ingrate, and even worse you would not grow, contribute, and excel. These priests are using a beautiful gift they have been given of dancing for good. In The Bible it says “King David came dancing before the Lord with abandon, as he and all the Israelites were bringing up the Arc with shouts of joy.”(NIV) These priests are doing a great job of sharing their gifts and bringing joy in to the world.