Surveillance Video Catches The Heart Stopping Moment A Brave Woman Escapes A Kidnapper.

The 25 year old woman from Bessmer, Alabama, in the surveillance video was stopped by a man with a gun who tried to rob her. She explained she had no money and the robbery then escalated into a kidnapping. He forced her into the trunk of his Nissan Altima after making her give him her cell phone and wallet. After driving around emptying her account he pulled up to the gas station in the video. He then proceeded to try again but the account was already depleted. He then got back in the car and began to drive away, and that is when this clever woman did the perfect thing before it was too late. She pulls the trunk emergency lever, dives out of the trunk and quickly runs to safety. Thankfully this woman was able to escape unharmed from this terrifying situation because she figured out what to do. It is important for people to know that since 2002 all cars have a glow in the dark emergency release lever for safety reasons such as this.


Another tip that Police recommend and is important to SHARE, is if a person is thrown in a trunk they can kick out the rear tail lights, stick their arm outside and vigorously wave to get peoples attention. Police also recommend if approached by a robber do NOT hand him your purse, instead toss it as far away as possible and run in the other direction. If the robber has a gun and there is a fear of being shot run in an irregular way like a zig-zag pattern. The robber is usually more interested in your purse than you.

Please SHARE these life saving tips with those you care about. Knowing what to do ahead of time in difficult situations like this one, helps save lives and keeps people safe. God Bless You!