Super Humans, These People Are What Strength Looks Like, Prepare To Be Amazed!

This video has such visual and emotional impact! This is for anyone who feels they are at rock bottom and want to just give up on things. It is a reminder that all of us face problems, and obstacles. Life is never perfect and there will always be challenges for all of us.  Nobody gets out of this life untouched by adversity, that is just a fact! These obstacles can be tackled with the secret of success these people have used, and that secret is to lean on God for strength, and use your perseverance and determination. By rolling up the sleeves, working hard, and above all never giving up. Nick Vujicic has seen first hand in his life if we lean on God and let his will be done, surrendering to his plan, he can turn any situation around as he has for the people in this video. But there is a catch we have to persevere, pray, and trust God will help us overcome.


Like Bethany Hamilton who the movie Soul Surfer was based on. She is an incredible surfer whose arm was torn off by a shark almost ending her amazing career. She leaned on God, and kept trying, and sure enough he turned it around, read her quote.

“I’ve had the chance to embrace more people with one arm than I ever could with two.”

In life things are going to happen, but only God can transform our worst tragedies into the most beautiful victory. He can do it in ways more wonderful and beyond what we could ever imagine.