He Suffered Brain Damage & Strokes, Doctor’s Said He Had A 50 % Chance Of Survival, God Had Other Plans!

When 14 year old Blake Hyland did his running approach to do a gymnastics flip, he had no idea the result of that was about to change his life forever. Blake was supposed to land safely in a foam pit, unfortunately he missed the pit. When he landed he forcefully slammed his head into the concrete. He was rushed to hospital, and doctors estimated he had a 50% chance of surviving. It was touch and go for weeks, and his parents Pat and Cindy Hyland kept vigilantly praying for him.

Blake had severe brain damage, and had suffered several strokes. What is so wonderful to hear is how his parents did everything they possibly could to help their son spiritually, and physically. They did not listen to doctors negative diagnosis, and give in to despair, in spite of the odds. They kept their faith strong realizing God is bigger than any situation, and had power over Blake’s healing. They kept inviting God in to do his will.

His father nullified, and rejected the negative words spoken over Blake by others, and spoke life giving words over his son, in faith, and thereby blessing his son when he needed it most. The Bible in Proverbs 18:21 clearly talks about our words, and their power when it says, Death and life are in the power of the tongue; those who make it a friend shall eat its fruit.(NAB) Blake and his family know the power of prayer because they have seen it first hand.

Those hard experiences we go through can make us stronger, and wiser, or we can let them weaken us, or make us bitter, and keep us in the horrible bondage of unforgiveness. Blake, and his family, are proof that we can be transformed for the better through those hard times. If we let God work in them, he can turn them around, and use them for good. They are sure God has a wonderful plan for Blake, and they are expecting the good to continue to unfold in their lives. So far they have not been disappointed, and we look forward to seeing what other awesome things God is going to do in this inspiring young man’s life.