Strange Crying Sounds Were Coming From Under A Sidewalk. Once Unearthed What He Finds? Is Shocking!

In the town of Rostov, in Russia, a man named Vadim Rustam, and his family heard crying sounds coming from under the ground. It was coming from where there had been a sink hole, that was filled in, and bricked over. After trying in vain to get assistance to tear up the brick sidewalk Vadim took matters into his own hands, and started tearing it up. He was unsure of what he would find, but after digging awhile, a pregnant dog crawled forward to the best of her ability. She had been buried for two days, and was weak, thirsty, and hungry. Vadim had to reach in, and help pull her out. Once out she runs to her rescuers overjoyed with her tail wagging.

It is still unknown whether the dog was buried on purpose or not. Thanks to the noble efforts of Vadim in rescuing the dog, she is at a local animal shelter awaiting adoption, and is expected to fully recovery.