The Video That Will Change Your Life! I Have No Words Left.

At a counselling conference I attended one of the speakers said something that will be forever imprinted on my mind. “We gave you tools to make a difference, what have you done today within your gifts, and abilities to help others?” He then looked out at the audience, and asked people randomly, “what have you done today ?”

Some people looked stunned, like deer caught off guard in the headlights of an oncoming mack truck. We all struggled trying to think of just one good deed. Some of us had not done anything, and some had actually felt they had wronged others.

I now ask myself everyday, what have I done to make my world better a  place?

We all have gifts, and abilities to help, and love others, and we should be using them. Why? Because when we do we live out our purpose, and get a profound sense of satisfaction in it. We are successful beyond our own expectations. I am not talking about the kind of success like climbing the corporate ladder. The success I am talking about is more profound, and can be expressed only in loving others, and through acts of kindness which are far more satisfying.

“Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”

That is one of the most important commands God gives us, and one of the best ways to judge our success in life.  We invite everyone to get out there, and do something great for others!!!  Please share your story with us to inspire others, and  leave a comment below.