They Spoiled A Baby Deer By Rubbing Its Belly, But Watch When They Try To Stop!

When Justin Lewis and his friend were working they found a baby deer tangled up in some thorns, so they compassionately cut the deer loose. The fawn was upset, so the two of them in an effort to calm, and comfort it rubbed its belly. The fawn liked it so much it never wanted the fun to end so every time they tried to put it down it protests loudly.

When they did set it down, it hung around where the two men were working like a poor lost puppy, with no idea where to go. Eventually it’s mother came and stood waiting for her fawn some distance away until Justin picked it up, and carried it half way to her. The fawn reacted just like a human baby and it happily ran straight to its mom. Leaving behind these two men with a great memory, and this cute video.