Six Yr Old Boy Walks Into A Police Station & Gives Them Something They Never Expected.

During his first six years sweet little Jackson Bisazza had endured 22 surgeries that would eventually enable him to finally be able to walk. The boy has overcome so much just to be able to walk some would think he might be preoccupied with just having fun like other kids. However this boy thinks of others before himself.

Jackson and his family paid the Holliston Police Department in Massachusetts a visit bearing gifts of appreciation and kindness for all the officers do everyday.They brought brown paper gift bags full of treats with uplifting messages for them (as seen below). Chief John Moor and the officers were so moved by the supportive gesture they posted a picture on Twitter and it quickly went viral. Out of appreciation and in return the officers presented Jackson with a Holliston police department badge. Jackson’s act of kindness is setting a great example for us all and is exactly what this world needs right now. We encourage our readers to join us and do some kind act for someone today and spread a little more happiness around.