She’s Interviewing For The World’s Hardest Job & Is The Pay Worth It? We’ll Let You Decide!

When I saw this video I knew in less than a minute exactly what this job was. My child at first thought it was a doctor, then clued in after a couple more minutes, after he said there are no vacations. The employee must wear multiple hats like it stresses in the video, “have a degree in medicine, finance, and the culinary arts.”

We believe they must also be a teacher, mentor, and a loving disciplinarian, even when it makes them unpopular and unliked. This person has to have all encompassing love, compassion, concern, and provide care giving in every way to sustain another helpless human being’s life. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of selfless devotion given without reservation, there is no financial gain, for the love and good of another. The pay out is immeasurable, and priceless, resulting in unconditional love. This job never ends as long as a mum lives, the roles and jobs only shift, and change, because a mum is a mum forever. Even when they leave this earth they live on in their child’s hearts. A salute goes out to all the selfless parents out there, mums you are the best!