She Shocks The Judges And Makes Them Regret Pressing Their No Buzzer!

There is such a huge message in this video about snap judgements, jumping to conclusions, and the hurt it can lead to! This talent show contestant was doing her best to work as quickly as possible, and by the look of her work it looked pretty basic at best. The judges were bored, unsupportive, and not impressed when they each hit their buzzer’s. The brave contestant persevered, and shocked them with a surprise they didn’t see coming at all.

She produces a great piece of art! Her finished work turns out to be nothing like what they thought it would be. The judges weren’t able to see through her vision, or perspective of what she was creating right before their eyes. Only the artist knew where she was taking her art, and how it would all tie in together. This illustrates the good that can come out of being patient, and giving people a chance to express themselves. We loved this video for all the good it illustrated, and we’re sure you will too.