She’ s Cancer Free & The Message She’s Singing Has Everyone Cheering!

Calysta Bevier takes the stage at a cancer walk singing “Fight Song,” by Rachel Platten, and her performance has a boldness, feeling, and the true grit of a survivor. It’s easy to recognize in her singing, personality, and attitude. Especially when things don’t go her way, she just perseveres, and overcomes. An example of this is when the music was messing up, and she took charge, and delivered an even better performance.

She is a 16 year old victor having battled with Ovarian Cancer she is now in remission, as of August 28, 2015. Calysta you are an inspiration to others that are fighting cancer. We hope people understand the importance of the encouraging words in the lyrics for those who are suffering, and in the battle of their lives. We here at want all you truly courageous warriors to keep fighting hard, and to know our prayers are with all of you, and God Bless You!