She Rescued A Baby From The Trash And Is Raising It, Now People Are Shunning Her & Gossiping?

When this woman finds a baby in a bag thrown away like garbage, she is so moved with loving compassion that she takes on the responsibility of raising the baby as her own. Based on a true story, the adoptive mother Jane willingly endured being gossiped about and shunned. She told nobody the truth about where her baby came from. Jane knew that as long as she was the focus of the other peoples malicious attention, her daughter June, was being spared that cruelty. Jane’s willingness to sacrifice herself in place of her daughter is what a real mum’s love looks like in action, and it is a stunningly beautiful thing to see!

The fact that babies are left abandoned in the streets in many countries seems shocking in first world countries, but it happens all the time. In some countries there is such shame, and stigma attached to being a single mother that girls are forced to just get rid of the baby in whatever way they have to, the mother becomes desperate, and abandons their baby. The pressures to be rid of the baby comes from a conservative society that frowns, and disapproves of them for not being married. Financial help needed to support the baby is just not available in many of those places, and in cases like that it is women, and children who almost always suffer the most. This video is an eye opener for a lot of people on the difficulties women and children are still enduring, causing suffering, and being marginalized.