Service Dog Helps Boy Suffering With Brain Injury In An Awesome Way!

After a horrible head on car accident, Caleb Howard suffered numerous broken bones. He also endured a traumatic brain injury which killed millions of his brain cells. Caleb’s chances of survival and recovery didn’t look good. Caleb’s father noticed Caleb’s progress seemed so slow and minimal it seemed he was at a stand still.

However when Colonel the therapy dog came into the room Caleb responded so well his father felt filled with hope for the first time at his son’s progress. It is so wonderful to be able to see the incredible impact the dog has on Caleb, like the moment when Caleb struggles and lifts his leg to give the dog an affectionate full body hug. The moment that brought a tear to our eyes was when the volunteer tells Caleb how special he is and he shyly accepts that he is. We agree he is one awesome little over comer! The sweetest sound to our ears was the happy peels of laughter that just bubble out as he throws the ball for Colonel to fetch. His happy laughter is so precious it warmed our hearts to hear it. We need a million more therapy dogs like Colonel in this world. Hopefully we will see more and more of them being trained, and helping patients recover their lives in the future. In the meantime get well soon Caleb, and God Bless You.